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     "Ever since I began training with Ivan, I’ve seen my workouts become more intense and I’ve become much more motivated to come in to the gym. A few years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be doing strength training so often, or on my own for that matter. With Ivan as a guide, I have been introduced to a wide range of exercises and instructed on how to properly complete them so as to get the mostout of my efforts. His workouts are tailored to my goals and he knows just when they need to be modified so that I don’t plateau. Ivan is an incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging trainer. I’m so glad that he was recommended to me, and I would definitely suggest that anyone looking for an intense and rewarding way to get their body in shape get in touch with Ivan – You won’t regret it!"
-Kailey Ono, Administrator

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    Ivan K has a vast experience in working with people whose main goals are to burn fat, build lean and toned bodies and get strength and athelticism. Ivan's knowledge stems from years of training in the Israeli national Greko-Roman wrestling team for juniors, martial arts and training and winning bodybuilding contests. He has trained a wide range of clientele, from athletes to fitness models to simply people who wanted to get in shape. "There is nothing more rewarding for me than making people look good and love their bodies. When you succeed in looking fit, you will succeed in any aspect of your life!" 

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Here is a little video of my shoulder routine. I encourage everyone to try it out!
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This great, high volume leg workout will burn tons of fat and add muscle to your physique!
Meet Ivan K!
Ivan K, Head Coach and Founder of Infinity Fitness.
Best Leg Workout for Definition!
Get Your Shoulders to the Next Level!
Ivan's Posing Routine @ Winston Invitational 2012'